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PLEASE NOTE the NEXT regular General Membership meeting will be Tuesday, June 9th 2015 at 7:00PM.

Province Approves Regina Civic Pension Plan Deal

Toady, March 11th, the provincial government has announced it will amend pension regulations for the Regina Civic Pension Plan to facilitate implementation of the agreement negotiated between the PBC and plan employers in November 2014. Stay tuned for further updates.

Call for Shop Stewards

The local is currently looking for members that are interested in becoming shop stewards in their area. Training will be provided for everyone interested. If you are interested in this opportunity, please call the National Rep, Dave Stevenson, at the local office at 306-352-8282. The local needs shop stewards from the following areas:

Community   Services

City   Services

Recreation Workers

Operational Services




Development & Technology

Child Care

Waste Water Treatment Plant (EPCOR)

Parks & Open Spaces

Solid Waste Collection


Solid Waste Disposal




Traffic Engineering

Pest Control

Water Operations


Sewer & Drainage

Golf Courses

Environmental Engineering

Athletic Fields

Central Stores

Landscape Trades

Salvage & Fuels

Outdoor Ice Rinks

Fleet Maintenance

Draft LOU Proposals

City management would like to consolidate a number of existing hours of work LOUs in various departments into generic templates for its new payroll system. Please be aware that NOTHING has been agreed to. We received numerous criticisms, feedback and suggested proposals from the membership after the release of the original draft proposals. We took these concerns back to the employer and let them know how concerned the membership is. The employer will be incorporating concerns and will be developing another set of drafts for the membership to consider. It is important to stress that NO CHANGES will be made without further consultation and input from the membership and nothing will be agreed to until members affected have had a chance to vote on any changes. Please contact the local with your questions and concerns.

Civic Pension Townhall

Monday night, December 15th, over 150 people attended a town hall to learn about the recently submitted joint proposal to amend the Regina Civic Employee’s Superannuation and Benefit Plan (the plan).  The presentation is available here, if you would like to view the presentation.

During the evening, one point was discussed repeatedly: the need for you to continue to participate in our campaign to save our defined benefit plan.  Though the Employee and the Employer Sponsors believe we have amended the plan to address all of the Superintendent’s concerns and bring the plan into compliance with the Pension and Benefits Act, we still need the approval of Cabinet in order to implement the amendments. We need to ensure that we have the government’s support, and your help is needed to achieve this.

Please take a moment to visit and send a letter to the Minister of Justice (responsible for pensions), Regina MLAs and the Superintendent.  This letter will be posted on the FCAA website and will help to gain the support of our government.

For a summary of the Pension Deal reached click here:

To read the memorandum in full, click here:


Apprenticeship Policy Proposal

The City of Regina has released a proposal for a new apprenticeship program. CUPE Local 21 has several concerns around this proposal. First off, the City did not engage the local for any discussions or input around this new program. Secondly, it proposes to have a pre-selection panel made up entirely of management to interview applicants BEFORE submitting applications to the Saskatchewan Apprenticeship and Trade Certification Commission (SATCC) to determine suitability. The proposal also seeks to remove seniority from the picture by removing it as the primary driver in the selection process. Someone hired off the street can be considered ahead of a member that has spent years working with the City of Regina. The proposal can be viewed by clicking on the links below. We ask members to review the proposal and supply feedback to the local. We will seek to hold a vote on this issue to get direction from the membership in January.

Apprenticeship Policy - Page 1

Apprenticeship Policy - Page 2

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