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Local 21 & 7 Christmas Party Reminder, December 6th!

For tickets please contact Chris Szakacs at 529-1098; Karen Sax at 777-7206; or the CUPE Local 21 office at 352-8282 by November 28th, 2014. Click on the events calendar for more details.

City and Civic Employees Reach Negotiated Settlement on Pensions

The City of Regina and the Pension & Benefits Committee have reached a negotiated agreement on the Civic Pension Plan.

City Council will decide on Monday, November 24th if they will endorse the new agreement.  We need you, the members, to attend the City Council Meeting on Monday and support the new agreement.  The Pension is the only item on the Agenda with the meeting beginning at 5:30pm. We ask all employees to come wearing their highvis jackets to ensure council sees us and hears our call for adopting the agreement.

The agreement ensures a secure retirement into the future for plan members through the continuation of a modest defined benefit plan.

The Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) addresses the Superintendent’s concerns regarding governance. In the situation of a future deficit, there is a clear governance model which includes provisions for temporary benefit reductions and contribution increases.

The agreement also breaks down contributions to a 60/40 split with the employer contributing 60% of the deficit, and employees making up the remaining 40%.

Your support of the MOU is important, please take the time to attend the Council meeting on Monday, and take a few minutes right now to send a quick email to council asking them to endorse  the MOU on Monday through this link:

You can find more information on the memorandum here http://www.honourourdeal.ca/wp-content/uploads/2014/11/MOA-Nov-21-2014.pdf

Apprenticeship Policy Proposal

The City of Regina has released a proposal for a new apprenticeship program. CUPE Local 21 has several concerns around this proposal. First off, the City did not engage the local for any discussions or input around this new program. Secondly, it proposes to have a pre-selection panel made up entirely of management to interview applicants BEFORE submitting applications to the Saskatchewan Apprenticeship and Trade Certification Commission (SATCC) to determine suitability. The proposal also seeks to remove seniority from the picture by removing it as the primary driver in the selection process. Someone hired off the street can be considered ahead of a member that has spent years working with the City of Regina. The proposal can be viewed by clicking on the links below. We ask members to review the proposal and supply feedback to the local. We will seek to hold a vote on this issue to get direction from the membership in January.

Apprenticeship Policy - Page 1

Apprenticeship Policy - Page 2

Election Results

The following officers were elected in by-elections held September 9, 2014:

1st Vice-President – Darren Grychowski

Recording Secretary – Carley Makuch

Trustee – Warren Johnson

The following officers were elected in by-elections held October 14, 2014:

Executive Member at Large – Darren Srochenski

Executive Member at Large – Steve Voss

The following officers were elected in by-elections held November 12, 2014:

Executive Member at Large – Tim Anderson

Sergeant at Arms – Wade Zalopski

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