New legislation may impact Local 21 supervisors

With pending legislative changes on the horizon, CUPE Local 21 has requested that the City of Regina enter into an agreement to keep all current supervisors within the bargaining unit.

On April 29, 2016 a new section of The Saskatchewan Employment Act comes into effect that requires that the Labour Relations Board “not include in a bargaining unit any supervisory employees.”

The legislation allows supervisory employees to create their own bargaining unit. It also allows unions and employers to make an “irrevocable election” or agreement to keep supervisory employees in their existing bargaining unit.

CUPE Local 21 has forwarded an irrevocable election agreement to the City, but the City has indicated that they are not willing to sign such an agreement. The City cites unidentified “conflicts” that may exist between supervisory and non-supervisory employees.

CUPE Local 21 believes it is in both the union’s and City of Regina’s interests to maintain the integrity of the current bargaining unit, rather than create a separate bargaining unit within the Local for supervisory employees.  These reasons include:

  • The added resources required of both parties to negotiate and administer a separate collective agreement for supervisory employees.
  • The jurisdictional disputes which will inevitably follow from having a separate supervisory bargaining unit. From the union’s perspective, this will inevitably lead to a loss of flexibility in the ability to manage and direct the workforce; and
  • The loss of industrial stability and increase in the possibility for work stoppages arising from the increase in the number of bargaining units.

To date, the City of Regina has not provided CUPE Local 21 with a list of positions which they have identified as “supervisory.” The legislation specifically excludes lead hands, team leaders and employees temporarily performing higher duties from the definition of “supervisors.”

Your union will provide updates when they are available. For more information please call the CUPE Local 21 office at 306-352-8282.

Taking Charge of Change

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Bylaw amendments tabled

The Bylaw Review Committee presented a notice of motion at the October 13, 2015 General Membership Meeting to amend the current CUPE Local 21 Constitution and Bylaws. The proposed changes, to be voted on at the November 10, 2015 General Membership Meeting, would see several amendments made to the current bylaws to ensure compliance with the CUPE National Constitution and to promote increased membership involvement, greater clarity in the selection and composition of bargaining committees and enhanced financial transparency. The proposed bylaw amendments can be viewed in their entirety in the Member Login section of this website.

Labour board grants Local 21 bargaining rights for WWTP employees

Saskatchewan’s Labour Relations Board has approved CUPE Local 21’s successorship application to continue to represent wastewater treatment plant employees. A certification order was issued August 12, 2015 that requires EPCOR Water Prairies Inc., the new public-private partnership employer of WWTP employees, to bargain collectively with CUPE Local 21.

CUPE Local 21 and EPCOR plan to start bargaining for a new collective agreement later this fall, but no dates have been confirmed yet. Earlier this year, EPCOR and Local 21 signed an “irrevocable election” to keep the in-scope supervisors at the plant within the CUPE Local 21 bargaining unit.

Letters of Understanding

CUPE Local 21 is posting Letters of Understanding on the website to ensure greater transparency and accountability to the membership, starting with the most recent LOUs. Members can access these Letters of Understanding under the “Resources” tab. Please note that Letters of Understanding identifying specific individual members will not be posted on the website in order to protect those members’ privacy rights. Those members can request a copy of their LOU by contacting the office.