Message from the President

Thank you to the members of Local 21 for using your voice, your vote, to express your confidence in me. It is a privilege to be the first female in the history of our Local to be elected president. I am humbled that you would place your faith and trust in me. This is a responsibility that I do not take lightly, and will endeavor to represent you with the utmost transparency and boldness.

I would like to thank the sisters and brothers who also put their names forward during this election process to represent the members of this Local. To the many friends and volunteers who worked tirelessly to help us achieve this accomplishment, thank you for your unending support.

Remaining committed to continue the work of those who came before me. Maintaining and improving current working relationships is just one of many key components in providing representation and opportunities for our members that are conducive in decisions being sustainable, defendable and in the best interests of the majority of our members.

Moving forward, while providing opportunities for our members, your elected executive looks forward to continuing their work and ensuring the integrity in all processes is maintained in a fair manner.

Congratulations to Brother Jason Banin and welcome to Brother Greg Clarkson to the Local 21 executive table.

Please feel free to contact me at the office, (306) 352-8282, or email at:

Maria Kotestas