Management Review

Management Review
August 29, 2018

The start of September marks the end of summer vacation for students, shorter days and crisp mornings. I always welcome this change of seasons and have many fond memories of getting my five daughters back into their school routine. For our employees at the City, it’s a time to reflect on all the great work that happened over the summer months. We should feel proud that our residents have benefited from the care and attention to our parks, the leisure programs that kept families busy, the maintenance and renewal of our numerous facilities and the many road, water and sewer projects completed in construction zones.

This time of year also means budget preparations, planning for next year, and preparing for our final quarter of the year. We’ve been out in the community encouraging registration for our fall recreation programming, promoting our transit service and soon, will be reminding residents to visit our leaf and yard depots. This fall we will be engaging our residents about the City’s budgeting process, as well as undertaking the Citizen Satisfaction Survey. We want residents to reflect on their priorities and be aware of the challenges we face balancing the cost of delivering programs and services, investing for the future, replacing and rebuilding infrastructure all while considering affordable and reasonable property tax increases.

Another initiative starting in September is a review of our management structure. To achieve the City’s vision, we need to ensure that we have effective structures in place at the executive and senior leadership level. Over the next eight weeks we will take the opportunity to analyze our current structure, look for gaps, and assess the needs of the organization for the future. This is important work to put our organization in a position where we continue to deliver reliable programs and services to residents.

Recently we’ve received preliminary results of the Employee Engagement Survey. We will soon be in a position to communicate those results, begin conversations and develop engagement plans to take action. I want to acknowledge and thank you for the many examples of our One City-One Team principle that I observed while visiting workplaces and teams this summer. I continue to be encouraged when I see different areas working together collaboratively, sharing information to improve processes and getting results for individuals and families within our community.

As always, I am committed to open dialogue on making positive changes to our organization.

Enjoy the last long weekend of the summer.

It would be appreciated if this message could be posted for your colleagues who may not have access to a computer

Chris Holden
City Manager