Message from the President

On September 6th, the Local 21 executive hosted a round table meeting with Mark Hancock, cupe national President and Debra Grimaldi, cupe Saskatchewan regional director. We brought forth a number of items for discussion; one of those items discussed at length was cupe’s administration/handling of our Local and the lessons learned.

Following the 2016 executive elections and at the conclusion of cupe’s administration of our Local, disclosures revealed that our Union affiliations had not been paid, as well as a number of un-paid invoices surfaced and a deficit in the amount of almost $250,000.00.

Numerous financial cuts were required in order to present a 2017 budget deficit free to the members. Moving forward I’m happy to report that we are in much better shape today. That said, Local 21, national and division have a better understanding of each other and are moving forward.

With the end of a busy summer; that found many resolves to grievances within the informal process and formal grievance processes. Local 21 continues to strive to ensure integrity and due diligence within the policies and procedures that set the parameters of the work that our members do. This includes addressing contracting out, internal hiring practices and consistency of the application of the Local 21 CBA (Collective Agreement) and LOU’s (Letters of Understanding).

Local 21 will be initiating committees in the near future, and a reminder that our Collective Agreement expires at year’s end, with bargaining to begin soon after. On another note, we are looking for an amicable JE (Job Evaluation) package that will be presented to the membership for ratification. When that date is set, we encourage all the members to take part in this very important process.

In closing, I wish to address harassment, respectful workplace, violence, drugs and confidentiality within the workplace and Union environment. To be clear Local 21 under no circumstances condones harassment, violence, drugs or any confidentiality breach in any form within the workplace or Union environment.

Local 21 will not be a shield to that type of inappropriate behaviors. Violence in the workplace will not be tolerated and could ultimately lead to immediate termination of employment and possible intervention depending on the seriousness could involve the Regina Police Services.

Lastly, I want to address confidentiality. There are Civic, Provincial and Federal laws in place for the obvious protections and  Local 21 is bound to those laws within our Union environment, there are no exceptions. Our job is two fold, provide representation and achieve workplace opportunities for the members of this Union.

If you have any interest in getting involved in some capacity with our Local, you’re Local, please give me a call.

Maria Kotsetas, President