Job Descriptions Update / Member Involvement

Job Descriptions were distributed to Management on Monday October 22nd. It is expected that they will have them distributed to all Local 21 employees by the end of the week – to allow for an opportunity to discuss the process with employees. The following process and deadlines are being committed to:

  1. Receive a copy of the draft job description from your manager.
  2. Complete the Job Description Editing Form and submit it to your manager.
  3. Managers and supervisors review and provide feedback.
  4. All feedback is provided to Human Resources by November 23, 2018.

You have a say in your Job Description!

Please ensure you speak with your manager/supervisor about when the comments are to be returned to them. If there are any comments/feedback from your manager/supervisor, they are to sit down with the employee/employees to discuss.

Local 21 encourages all members to take the time, review your job description and complete the editing form and have discussions with your supervisor/manager about any differences that should be reflected. This is your opportunity to participate in the creation of the Job Description that will be processed through the new Job Evaluation Tool.

To help facilitate this, there will be multiple “drop in sessions” for you to work on your job description and editing form with people who are part of the Steering Committee (including Union Executive at some). This provides the opportunity to ask questions of your Job Description and ensure we all work together to get each one of our Job Descriptions correct. Drop in sessions are as listed in the following link Volume 7 – JJEC Newsletter

If you have any questions, please first attend a drop in session – it will be beneficial. We would also like to encourage groups of like or same jobs to meet and discuss the Job Description together.

After this is completed, all comments will be looked at and necessary changes made to the Job Descriptions.

We will likely starting rating jobs in March/April

Maria Kotsetas, President