LRB Ruling

LRB File #092-17

Hello everyone:

As you may or may not know Local 21 has recently been found to have breached the Saskatchewan Employment Act’s duty of fair representation. This award stems from a decision the Local made not to advance a grievance to arbitration at the end of 2016. The applicant made three (3) submissions, all of which were unfounded.

However, beyond the submission of the applicant, the Labour Relations Board (LRB) ruled that we did breach the Act, specifically pertaining to our appeal process. The appeal process we had utilized was established during our CUPE administration period.

The LRB found that a committee should not make the decision on its own decision and that we must have separate board members involved in the appeal. As we erred in process not logic, Local 21 accepts the ruling, will not be pursuing judicial review, and has changed our process for appeals to ensure conformity.

The LRB has made a declaratory order to post this award in a conspicuous place which “serves as an affirmation for the applicant, and is instructive for the Union” which we will take in kind.

Time was taken to post this award on all listed local 21 boards. We encourage everyone to read the award in its entirety but please put it back on the board. We also encourage the membership to contact the Local 21 Union office if there is one missing on your Union board or if your area does not have a board.

We are going to use this opportunity to strengthen our current processes and ensure we meet our obligation of fair representation.

As always, Local 21 will endeavour to provide consistent and fair representation for all of our members.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact the Union office via email or phone.

In solidarity,

Local 21