Communication Update


The Local 21 office has received calls regarding the new casual vacation bank and some general confusion about how it is applied since an internal memo was circulated.

This is the clause as it stands today with the edit in bold: SCHEDULE B – COLLECTIVE AGREEMENT
B8. Annual Vacation

Annual vacation shall be provided to employees who are covered by this agreement in accordance with the provisions of The Saskatchewan Employment Act (SEA) and any subsequent amendments.

All earned vacation pay will be placed in a vacation money bank at the rate that the vacation is earned.

The employee can access this money, on request, by indicating on their timesheet prior to the cut-off date, the dollar amount requested. This money will be included with any current earnings on the applicable pay period.

Any monies in the vacation money bank will be paid out to the employee on the last pay period following their last day of work with the City or the last pay period of the calendar year, whichever period comes first.

A few facts that may help clear this up:

– Casual vacation entitlement is set by the Saskatchewan Employment Act (SEA) which is 3/52 your wage if you have worked for the employer for less than ten (10) years and 4/52 your wage if you have been employed longer than ten (10) years.

– This amount used to be paid out on every pay period / cheque.

– Now this money is placed into a money bank to be withdrawn at your leisure.

– Casuals ARE entitled to take vacation time insofar as operational requirements will allow in tandem with Branch practices for vacation. Some areas use a first come first serve model, others go by seniority, ask your supervisor what practice is established in your area.

– Part-time casuals ARE entitled to vacation time.

– Vacation money does not equal vacation time. There was a misconception that because casuals got their vacation pay paid on their cheque that they were not entitled to take vacation, this is FALSE. If that misconception remains, please contact the union office.

– Layoff does NOT constitute vacation; however a casual may choose not to take their entitled vacation time during their season.

– A monies pay out can happen separate from taking the time off.

– You can still have it paid out on every pay period / cheque; you just have to request it.

The easiest way to think of it is separate the time entitlement from the money bank. In most cases you are entitled three (3) weeks a year of vacation TIME; the time will be slotted as unpaid vacation and awarded in the way your branch has normally done it.

At any time you may request whatever money amount from your bank that you wish.

For some people it will be the equivalent amount of lost wages for a vacation, for others it will be none because they want to keep it there for lay off or a rainy day, many will likely choose to take a single week off but pay out the entire amount, or you may have it paid out every cheque.

This item was designed to create maximum flexibility for casual staff and to clear up any confusion about casual vacation time entitlement.

Hopefully this has helped straighten out any confusion regarding this item. If anyone has further questions please call the union office at (306) 352-8282.


In December the Executive table voted to move the General Membership meeting start time to 5:00 pm instead of the usual 7:00 pm.

We will try this model out until June and see if this helps with our quorum issue. The meetings will remain on the second (2nd) Tuesday of every month with the exception of July and August in which we do not have a meeting due to vacation season.

Our next meeting is 14 January 2020 at 5:00 pm which will be business as usual except we have to vote on our budget and read five (5) Bylaw amendments.


In 2019 while Local 21 was negotiating our next Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA), the employer was finalizing the reorganization of their Branch / reporting structure absent of Union input.

This decision unfortunately left us having to make it fit with our current CBA in collaboration with the Labour Relations (LR) team. Our current structure is contained in Schedule B.

This item and any pertinent Letter of Understanding (LOU) were tabled for future discussion and agreement by both parties. Since that time we have invested a considerable amount of time negotiating what this “new world” might look like and have tentatively landed on – placing the structure in the CBA as defined by the employer while having certain LOU’s to make the re-org fit our purpose.

Currently there are four (4) proposed LOU’s:
– Parks districts transfer option
– Roadways & Transportation Services peak season
– Community Services amalgamation
– Water Waste & Environmental (WWE) Branch separation

These four (4) LOU’s will cover a considerable amount of staff and we need member engagement to decide whether or not to accept and sign these LOU’s. We will be setting time aside in the coming weeks together with a mail out to members with dates and times to discuss and vote on these LOU’s.

These LOU’s all contain thirty (30) day out clauses and could be renegotiated if there were some glaring inequality discovered at a later date.

Keep an eye on the website for more details including dates, times, and locations for informational meetings. We are tentatively preparing for the last week in January to have these discussions.

Laird Williamson
Acting President