Message from Cupe National President

January 23, 2020 BY E-MAIL

To the Members of CUPE Local 21:

I am heading home from Regina today, after a couple of days of meetings and picket line support for Unifor and their Local 594 members at the Co-op Refinery Complex.

I am so very proud of our Local 21 members who, as the Regina Police Service attempted to break the Unifor picket line on Monday night, exercised their right to refuse the work. That show of solidarity was vital to Unifor’s ability to hold the line that night. And Unifor has expressed to me their immense gratitude for your actions.

Your continued commitment to solidarity with the Co-op workers is going to be key to their success in this dispute. It is important that you continue to refuse work intended to dismantle the picket lines.

Please know that you have my personal support, the support of our National Union, and the support of 700,000 CUPE members from coast to coast in this.

In solidarity,
MARK HANCOCK National President