Special Membership Meeting: CBA Finalization / Ratification Vote

As you may or may not have seen on our website, we are planning on holding day and night time meetings with the membership to discuss and vote on the remaining items from bargaining.

The scheduling around these items is crucial as not everyone needs to vote on everything.

There are items that affect the entire membership then there are LOU’s that affect individual areas.

We have booked the Italian Club hall on the January 29, 30 and 31, 2020 for discussion and voting at the Union hall located at: 2148 Connaught St.

Below you will find a breakdown of what discussion will be presented on a specific day and whether or not you need to attend.

Please note: We have reached out to the employer regarding participation during work time on January 29. They will support this and give direction to the areas to be flexible. However, you still need approval from your supervisor to attend and if you are not able to due to operational requirements, we then encourage you to attend the other meeting scheduled that day.

The scheduled time periods for January 30 and 31 are intended to be outside your standard working hours and to accommodate anyone on layoff, please plan accordingly.

1. City Reorganization Structure:
January 29, 2020. (12:00 noon / 8:00 pm)
– Includes all active members and any member on layoff.
– 2020 proposed buget.
– Notice of Motion Bylaw amendments (short reading of the amendments / no discussion or vote at this time)

2. Letters of Understanding (LOU) (area specific):
(A Letter of Understanding or LOU is a formal text that sums up the terms and understanding of a contract which mostly has been negotiated up to this point only in spoken form. It reviews the terms of an agreement for a service, a project or a deal and is often written as a step before a more detailed contract is issued).

January 30 & 31 are in regard to specific Letters of Understanding (LOU’s) for specific areas, not everyone needs to be in attendance.

Your attendance is only required if you currently work in the area outlined, this includes while on layoff.

You need only attend one (1) of the time periods scheduled for January 30 or 31 that pertains to your area.

January 30:
– Recreational Service employees & Golf Course employees (8:00 am / 12 noon / 4:00 pm)
– Parks Districts employees (5:00 pm)

January 31:
– RDWY Operations employees (Alleys, Asphalt, Concrete, Landscape Trades) (8:00 am / 4:30 pm)
– Parks Districts employees (10:00 am)
– Solid Waste Collection employees (6:00 pm)
– Landfill Operations employees (8:00 pm)

This schedule will be posted on the website.

We encourage everyone to participate in this process; any questions or concerns please call or email the Union office at: (306) 352-8282 / cupe.local21@sasktel.net

Please note:  We encourage all members to visit the Local 21 website for all future communications regarding:

  • General membership meeting notices (2nd Tuesday of each month).
  • Special membership meeting notices (24 hour notice).
  • Periodic updates / upcoming functions / events and action alerts at: local21.ca
  • Local 21 app is available for download (as local 21 was the first to receive this app within the Cupe structure, please note that this app has a challenge or two, on going improvements continue). 

Laird Williamson
A/ President