ManuLife Beneft Session

Local 21 Members:

A brief presentation regarding the change over from BlueCross to  ManuLife as well as a question & answer session will take place during the 10 March 2020 General membership meeting. If you plan to attend please remember our new start time is 5:00 pm till June 2020.

From the Director of People & Organizational Culture, Marlys Tafelmeyer (HR):

It’s official! Our Benefit Carrier transition to Manulife occurred on March 1st.

After months of preparation and planning, we’re proud to say our project team achieved all of the implementation goals on time by working collaboratively with Blue Cross and Manulife throughout the entire transition. The team has also provided training sessions to employees throughout the organization to help everyone prepare for the change.

Thank you to everyone who joined our information sessions and encouraged their teams to attend. During the month of February, over 700 employees attended 30 information sessions to learn more about what Manulife has to offer. In addition, during the month of March, technology information sessions will be held to ensure employees feel confident with the plan member site and mobile app. Go to the Learning Calendar on City Connect under the New Benefits Carrier – Technology Session to sign up for one of the technology information sessions.

Benefit cards were mailed to employees’ home addresses and are now ready to be used. Claims can now be submitted to Manulife!

Didn’t get a benefit card in the mail? Email
Looking for more information about the change? Visit CityConnect.
Have questions about making a claim? Contact Manulife: call 1-800-268-6195 or visit Manulife’s plan member site, select Send a note under the Contact us tab.

Need to make changes to your benefits (add a spouse/child), want to know more about life insurance or beneficiary information? Contact

Please Note: If you log onto the Manulife website, your benefit balances may not be available to view until mid-March. Blue Cross requires time to finalize claims submitted up to February 28th. Once Blue Cross has finalized those claims, final balances will be provided to Manulife to upload to the Manulife website.

Stay tuned for more information on how Manulife provides tools and rewards for healthy living through the Vitality app. Thank you again for your commitment to sharing updates and easing the transition for our employees.