COVID-19: Operational Update

To the members of Local 21: Regarding COVID-19

There is a lot of information floating around from many different sources. We will endeavour to address three (3) pressing items:

1) Facility shut down
2) Meetings
3) Quarantine

Facility shut down: 

The City of Regina will be shutting down all public access to City Facilities effective March 17th.

We have been in discussions with the City and at this point the situation remains fluid. The casual staff in the Recreation world may be kept on for the remainder of this week but beyond that will likely have their shifts canceled.

There is a commitment from the City to honour two (2) weeks of scheduled work but no commitment to maintain wage beyond that at this time. There are also ongoing discussions with our other Union partners about job sharing and the City is asking for our flexibility and creativity to address the work shortage.

Our prime directives are opportunity & safety.

These will be the guiding principles in future discussions with the City.


The City has suspended all non-essential meetings. This includes but is not limited to grievances and arbitrations. There may still be operational meetings held while adapting appropriate social distancing.

If you have a file that is currently being investigated or has been advanced to a grievance, the conclusion of that will be delayed and we ask for your patience on this matter.

There will be no penalty held against any member with regards to items postponed due to this situation.


This is an ever changing situation but as it stands today Canada has labeled all countries as a level three (3). If you were in transit when this occurred and are returning home you will be required to self quarantine for fourteen (14) days and the City will maintain your wage.

If you become symptomatic over the coming weeks you will be required to self quarantine for fourteen (14) days – please note that this will be coded as unpaid sick, paid sick, or vacation – whatever entitlements you have available.

The City will be waiving all requirements for a physicians note during this time.

This situation remains fluid and will likely change frequently and often. Please take this as an informative notice but the information may change at any moment.

Please feel free to reach out to an Executive member if you have any questions or contact our office at: (306)352-8282.

A lot of this information may be found on City Connect or by asking your supervisor.

Local 21