Local 21 – Update

This evening I was in a conference call with various Locals across the province in conjunction with our national body. Over the course of this two and a half hour discussion all Local Presidents gave reports about the status of their Locals and we all learned that this situation remains fluid and that nearly all municipalities are experiencing similar impacts.

We have tentatively agreed to continue such calls in order to address any new concerns and work on solutions that may arise.

The Union and the employer are working collaboratively during this pandemic to limit any health and safety concerns as well as the financial impact for our members.

However, do not confuse cooperation with capitulation. We will hold the employer accountable if they choose not to adhere to our negotiated agreements.

These are uncertain times and we ask that the membership continue to access the website often, as information during this pandemic will change frequently.

There is no playbook for the days that have passed or the days to come but we will continue to engage the employer with the principles of safety and opportunity in mind.

Stay safe,

Laird Williamson