Message to the Membership

Ahead of the long Easter weekend your Union wishes to take this opportunity to provide you with an update.

A. CERB (Canada Emergency Response Benefit) potential denial for those who were on layoff and now have a postponed recall.

Presently we are in discussions with CUPE National, EI Worker Advocacy, and the City of Regina regarding this important matter. We have asked the City of Regina to advocate to the Provincial and Federal governments on our behalf in order to pressure the Federal government into amending the eligibility requirements regarding CERB.

B. Advocacy
We continue to advocate for our membership at every level we are able to including the general public, ELT (Executive Leadership Team), City Council, Service Canada, and the Provincial and Federal governments.

C. SUB (Supplemental Unemployment Benefit)
We are still in tentative discussions with the City of Regina regarding the possibility of developing a Supplemental Unemployment Benefit Plan. When we have any information regarding this matter we will update the membership.

D. Operational Discussions / Long Range Planning
The City of Regina and the Union continue to meet three (3) times a week to discuss the impacts of this virus pandemic on our service and other potential long-range planning.

There is no answer at this time but we are awaiting decisions that are to be made by City Council and City Administration, we hope it will be productive and employee focused. When we have the answer(s) we will engage the membership.

E. Casual Workforce
A small contingent of casual staff has remained working, roughly one hundred and twenty (120) members. There also have been several success stories of re-engagement:

  • the REACH program
  • the Landfill summer hours increase resulting in recall within the Branch
  • Facility Operations deferring layoffs
  • and deferred layoff of casual staff in other areas.

F. Communication
We will endeavour to keep the membership as informed as we are able given the circumstances; unfortunately, this situation has been and will continue to be in a state of constant flux, and releasing information prematurely would simply result in a repeating cycle of update, retraction, and confusion.

Our focus will remain on updating the membership with news that can be validated and confirmed. City Administration and City Council will be making decisions regarding long-range planning shortly, and once this occurs we will have a better understanding where we are and where we are headed.

G. Rumour and Speculation
Speculation and rumour will always travel faster than credible, accurate information, especially in a situation without precedent.

As such, in the midst of government endorsed social isolation, our in-person contact and presence in the workforce is obviously not the same as is typical, so if you have issues or concerns you wish to discuss please reach out to the Union office and they will be addressed.

If you have a question, concern, or suggestion please call the office and ask the question before making assumptions.

CERB Government of Canada – Information Link:

Stay safe,

L. Williamson – A/ President