Casual Employee Redeployment

As part of our collaborative work with the employer, redeployment opportunities were made available to Local 21 casual employees who were on lay off during the period 1 June – 6 July 2020.

Each employee was provided two (2) opportunities to express their interest in being redeployed:

  1. Through the Critical Skills Inventory.
  2. By responding to phone calls made by the employer in early June.

Interested employees were placed on a list and called in order of bargaining unit seniority.

Redeployments were a new process for the Local and the employer.

Efforts were made to ensure the process was fair and reasonable, but both parties acknowledged that the pace of pandemic response had the potential for unintentional glitches.

If you expressed your interest and feel that you did not fairly receive a redeployment opportunity, please contact the Local by 30 September 2020 via email – or by phone at (306) 352 -8282.


Laird Williamson / President