Tyler Hutchinson – Executive at Large – Election

Hello, my name is Tyler Hutchinson and I serve as an “Executive at Large” for Local 21. Currently, I sit on the local’s executive board as the chair of the “Contracting Out Committee”, and I also act as the local’s representative to the “Casual and Employee of Municipality Pension Plan (EOMPP) Board”.

My job on the contracting out committee is to try and ensure that as much work as possible stays within the local and that any work that is contracted to the private sector is properly justified and does not violate the terms laid out in the “Collective Bargaining Agreement” (CBA), while my role on the “Casual and (EOMPP)Board” is to monitor how the casual pension plan is being managed on behalf of the Local.

Background Currently I hold a MA in Social Studies with a Major in Sociology and a BA (Honours) in Psychology. Additionally, I have, in the past, worked for the Saskatchewan Department of Education as an assistant researcher and I’ve presented papers to conferences on issues surrounding P3’s (Private Public Partnerships).

I have also been a casual employee with the City of Regina in the Parks Department for over eight years, and as such, I am glad to have a chance to represent the interests of my fellow casual employees.

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