City of Regina – Covid-19 Information

In response to the calls and emails regarding the recent covid-19 announcement by the City of Regina, please find below our interim response.

As this communication was only provided to the Union shortly before the public, we acknowledge people have many questions, as do we as the Union. We are currently working with our National Body and Legal Counsel and will be providing an official position on this in the near future.

For your information, we wish to clarify that the City of Regina is not mandating vaccinations.

The information we have at this time is that they are mandating:

  • proof of vaccination.
  • or negative testing for those who elect not to get vaccinated.
  • or are unable to get vaccinated.
  • this is a small but important difference.

At this point we have not been provided a policy on this subject but we are hopeful that we will be given that opportunity prior to implementation.

Please continue to check our website for further information.

We ask for your patience as we navigate this.

Laird Williamson / President