EXTENDED – Member Cultural Survey

Because of the current pandemic concerns that we are all experiencing the member cultural survey registration deadline has been extended to … 30 September 2021.

Hello Everyone:

RE:          EXTENDED – Member Cultural Survey

In fall of 2019 your Union began asking some very hard questions about culture within the City of Regina. These questions and discussions led to starting committee work with the City of Regina and further details surrounding that work will be released at a later date.

Part of our plan involves acquiring a very frank assessment of the climate that our members live in every day. There are conclusions we can draw from what we observe, but knowing and hearing from our members will always be the best approach.

You are invited to participate in an anonymous Culture Survey.

Your feedback, good or bad, is paramount to our continued improvement plan and ensuring that the City of Regina is fostering an environment that supports not only the physical health, but also the psychological safety of our members.

If you wish to participate in this survey the following information is required:

  1. Your first and last name.
  2. Your City of Regina employee ID#.
  3. The preferred email address you wish to have the link sent to.
  4. Please send the required information to: cupe.local21@sasktel.net with the RE: line “survey”.

We encourage you to participate in this cultural survey.

Your identity will not be shared with anyone.

Those who register will be entitled to receive a gift card for Tim Horton’s as a way to show our appreciation for your feedback.

We ask that you register by: 30 September 2021 to be eligible to participate.

Some of these topics may be difficult or triggering for some. If you experience adverse reactions from it, please seek support to help you through it.

In solidarity,

Laird Williamson / President