Covid-19 Update

Unfortunately Local 21 has not yet received our Legal Opinion on the Vaccination and Testing Policy. While we were hoping to receive it in advance of the testing procedures coming online, it is unlikely that we will receive it before then and any action that the Local takes will be retroactive if we take any.

I want to be clear and again clarify some misconceptions: Local 21 does not create or implement policies, we react to them.

Some key updates:


Testing is now being delayed due to the testing policy not being completed. We met with the City of Regina on Monday 27 September 2021 to discuss this policy and many of our questions were not answered. What we do know is that the testing protocol is being developed in collaboration with the Saskatchewan Health Authority (SHA) and will be required to meet all privacy legislation.

Human Rights:

If you have questions about vaccine policy and protected Human Rights, we would encourage you to review the Saskatchewan Human Rights (SHR) webpage at:

If you are unable to provide proof of vaccination due to Code-Protected right(s), we encourage you to reach out to the City of Regina to begin the accommodation process.


This policy was created with professionals who work with all required Privacy Laws.

Information can be found on the Office of the Saskatchewan Information and Privacy  Commissioner’s (OSIPC) website here:

As noted in the in the Proof of Covid Vaccination Administrative Policy:

7.6 Any questions or concerns related to the City of Regina’s collection and use of personal information and personal health information pursuant to this Policy should be directed to the City of Regina Privacy Officer at: 

Jim Nicol, City Clerk / email: / phone: (306) 529-4922.

Local 21 fully acknowledges and appreciates that this interim response has not provided many answers and that for some; this will be disappointing and frustrating. But we ask for patience while we navigate this – we need to be aware that there are competing ideologies within our own membership that is on both ends of the spectrum from – being upset that we are not doing enough to protect our members from Covid to the other end that any mandate is a violation of individual rights.

In order to react to polices we rely on the advice of experts and evidence in front of us instead of opinion.

Preliminary assessments, as well as other legal assessments, and the recent announcements by the Saskatchewan Human Rights Commission (SHRC), and the Saskatchewan Government will be taken into consideration when we decide what action may be taken.

We will provide further communication once we have received the legal opinion specific to the City of Regina policies.


Laird Williamson / President