Covid Policy Update – 7 October 2021

We have been instructed that we will be receiving our legal opinion from CUPE National this week. Once we have that the Union will be tabling the following topics as possible grievances:

  • Are these polices permissible under law?
  • Is the City of Regina obligated by our Collective Agreement to continue paying for testing beyond 15 November 2021?

Once the Union has decided these topics we will post our decision on our website regarding the direction we are going.

A common topic that has been coming up recently is: what happens in the interim?

The practical reality is that if the Union chooses to pursue a policy grievance for any of the above topics there would still be an expectation that members comply with the polices under the principles of work now grieve later.

A grievance being initiated does not immediately exempt members from a policy that the City of Regina has implemented but rather would seek to strike down, in part or whole, a policy and afford remedy in a retroactive way if it was successful.

Members who wish not to participate in testing will be faced with a difficult decision to comply or not be permitted in the workplace subject to investigation and the discipline process.

I can state, as a matter of opinion not decision, that termination seems like an extreme reaction to measures that by all accounts are intended to be temporary.

We further acknowledge that no matter the direction that we go there will be case by case instances that we will be obligated to investigate and encourage our members to document everything that transpires with respect to their employment as we work through this.

Lastly, I want to thank all of our frontline staff for continuing to keep our city operational. You are the reason we are able to have a vibrant and well functioning city and we cannot thank you enough.

Laird Williamson / President