Covid Testing Update

To the members of Local 21:

As you are aware we have filed a Policy grievance on the grounds that the City of Regina is obligated to continue facilitating and paying for testing beyond 15 November 2021. This hearing is scheduled for 1 December 2021 and we will update the membership via the Local 21 website as it progresses.

In the meantime we have taken the liberty of contacting testing facilities within Regina as outlined on the Saskatchewan Government website and have created a short list of businesses that can facilitate testing for you after 15 November 2021.

Those who we were able to get in contact with are listed below (note this is not an exhaustive list):

  1. Ace Integrity Group: $45.00 (single test).
  2. Armour Safety Consulting: $50.00 (single test).
  3. Gimmel Global Trade: Single test $59.95 / Four (4) appointment bundle: $199.80.
  4. Haztech: $95.00.
  5. Nobel HSSE: $50.00.
  6. Outpost Health: Single test: $35.00 / Local 21 members and their family as well / can create bulk time slots for weekly testing.
  7. Prairie Rapid Testing: $20.00 discount code for every Union member / price-match guarantee / and or bulk pricing (even further discounted rate if multiple appointments are booked at a time).
  8. SRX Specialty Health Clinic: $69.00.
  9. ZZ Testing: $39.00.
  • Please note that Local 21 Cupe is not responsible for any price adjustments that any company may make and this list is intended for informational purposes only.
  • Please keep track of your receipts as we will need those if we are successful in our Policy grievance submission.

In addition we are working with a company to secure a mobile trailer to ease some of the travel costs associated with testing. The location or viability of this is yet to be determined but please continue to check the website for updates.

We have also been notified about the following topics / concerns and are in discussions with the City of Regina regarding them:

  1. Will the City of Regina keep a security presence at our facilities for the purposes of ensuring Covid policy compliance and member safety? Answer: Currently a risk assessment is being conducted over the next few weeks and we will know more after the conclusion.
  1. Would policy verification and enforcement be contained within the current job descriptions (JD’s) of our Recreation workers? Answer: This topic may become a moot point if point #1 is resolved satisfactorily.
  1. Can members use sick time to attend Covid testing after 15 November 2021? Answer: The City of Regina is seeking legal guidance on this topic and will get back to us shortly. Due to us raising this prior to the implementation – we ask that everyone log their time related to testing in case we seek a Policy grievance on the matter.
  1. Would the City of Regina allow a Union facilitated testing/verification program? Answer: The City of Regina is not willing to accept the Local participating in the Saskatchewan Health Authority’s (SHA) ‘test to protect’ program.

The above topics may be tabled as prospective grievances once we have a complete understanding of the situation. Again I want to thank everyone for your continued patience and understanding as we navigate these issues.

Laird Williamson / President