President’s Message

Good day everyone:

This year, much like last, has not been easy on the members of Local 21, families, friends, and our community. We are in the midst of uncertain times but I’m certain that this community will get through this challenge and any others we may face in the future.

I’m pleased with the work the membership and our Executive Board have done over 2021 and I’m encouraged by what lies ahead in 2022.

Please review the following updates as a snapshot of 2021 and some of the items we can look forward to in 2022.

Covid Grievances:

Through our grievance procedure and productive conversation with the City of Regina – the Union has accepted a resolve to one (1) of our Covid-19 related policy grievances regarding the utilization/prohibition of sick entitlement usage for procuring a negative test during work time.

This resolve was tabled and accepted by the Executive Board and this policy amendment will come into effect on 27 December 2021 on a go forward basis.

Your manager will have received a Q&A from the City of Regina and we encourage you to ask them if there is any confusion. Please contact the Union office if any further clarification is required.

This resolve does not prejudice our other position regarding the testing policy as a whole and that grievance is still going through the process and will likely not be resolved for several months. (* Please continue to track your testing costs and continue to check our website for details).

2021 – Labour Relations Summary:

  1. We currently have forty (40) active grievances.
  2. We advanced and presented forty-three (43) grievances on behalf of members in 2021 – nine (9) of which are advanced to Arbitration. The remaining have either been resolved satisfactorily or still working through the grievance process.
  3. We held four (4) arbitrations digitally in 2021; we were not successful with one (1) / and successful with one (1) / one (1) is currently under review / and we are awaiting the decision on the fourth (4th).
  4. We resolved another four (4) additional arbitrations prior to hearing them.
  5. We currently have thirty-seven (37) files advanced to arbitration, with eight (8) being scheduled between January and April of 2022.


  1. We will continue with digital General Membership meetings and decide whether to return to in person or to adopt a hybrid approach as the year progresses. Our next General Membership meeting is 11 January 2022 at 5:00 pm.
  2. We want to thank everyone who registered for the bargaining survey – this will be emailed out in the New Year.
  3. The results of our Culture Survey have been tabulated and the results indicate that we have much work to do. To that end we would like to notify the membership that all Unions and the City of Regina have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to effectuate culture changes in our workplace. There will be more regarding this work in the coming months.
  4. We are reinstating the L21 news letter and will start with a Q4 or Q1 letter that will be found on either our website or Union boards.
  5. We are working with Cupe National on creating a training program from L21 CBA language as a pilot project. This pilot is designed to increase the knowledge and understanding of your rights so that all members know what they are entitled to.
  6. Joint Job Evaluation (JJE) is still active we are just working through some of the mud but we hope to have a more substantial update in the next few months.
  7. Further work is being done regarding bylaw amendments – most notably will be the creation of new Grievance Chair’s.
  8. We have been working with a company regarding rebranding, elevating our public profile, and working towards improving public perceptions.
  9. We intend on revisiting our Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) election process and establishing a robust framework.
  10. The City of Regina Efficiency Review is still currently underway and we will advise the membership when we know more.
  11. The Union Led Efficiency Initiative is still active and we are waiting to roll this out to more operating areas in 2022.
  12. The email pilot project we submitted as a budget review was rolled out and will continue in 2022.
  13. Reclassification backlog is being addressed – we are a quarter of the way through them and this work will continue into the summer.
  14. We are hopeful that we will be able to return to regular in-person tailgates to continue conversations regarding costs, culture, and contract (CCC). Failing that, we will continue in a digital fashion.
  15. We will continue to work collaboratively with our other Union partners on shared concerns throughout 2022.
  16. We will continue to grow our knowledge base through training modules with Cupe National and co-counseling arbitrations.
  17. Our education seminars with our contracted Legal counsel have proven to be an invaluable resource as well as acting as mentor to our Executive Board on important labour issues and will continue in 2022.
  18. We are looking to reinstate our summer fling parties (restrictions permitting).

Lastly, we want to wish everyone a safe, restful, and happy holiday during winter break and again want to thank everyone for keeping this city running.


Laird Williamson  / President