Masks – Covid Update

In light of the decision by the City of Regina to lift masks in step with the Province of Saskatchewan, we sought a legal assessment and a review of the Risk analysis that the City of Regina conducted.

We have received our assessment and it is under review to determine if the City of Regina erred in their assessment or if we ought to seek action against the City of Regina.

While this analysis is underway, we ask any and all members who feel unsafe in their workplace due to Covid do two (2) things:

  1. Contact our office.
  2. Register the complaint with their shop OHS representative

We will be making a decision at our next Executive meeting on two (2) points:

  1. Was the assessment reasonable?
  2. Has the City of Regina met their obligations to ensure a safe workplace?

We will advise the membership via our website after the decision is made.


Laird Williamson / President