Preferred Partner Program

Introducing the *new and improved* “Preferred Partner Program”

With feedback from our valued corporate clients about the $100 discount on prescription eyewear, we are very happy to introduce the new and improved offer…

Effective immediately, the new and improved “Preferred Partner Program” gives all CUPE Local 21 members (and each of your dependants) the option for Any Promotion, Any Time.  All you need to do is print the attached coupon to have the choice of any one of the following of the best 6 promotions, any day of the year, at any of their store locations across western Canada:

  • 40% OFF a single complete pair purchase
  • 50% OFF lenses with or without a frame purchase (single pair offer)
  • 50% OFF frames with the purchase of prescription lenses (single pair offer)
  • 2 for 1 + 50% OFF lens coatings, lens treatments and lens upgrades
  • 2 for 1 + one complete kids’ pair FREE
  • 2 for 1 + FREE Polarization

You will also be offered corporate pricing on prescription Safety Eyewear if you need them.

Click HERE for locations of Optiks International (AB and BC) and Factory Optical (SK) stores.

Attached is a full description of the offers.  Please contact _INSERT INTERNAL CONTACT NAME/INFO__ if there are any questions regarding this offer.

Preferred Partner ProgramAPAT_Workplace Summary_CUPE Local 21_June 2018

Problems at Work?

If you have a Collective Agreement (CA) question, possible violation or other workplace concerns, contact the Union office at:

• (306) 352-8282
• Main office email:
Leave a brief message and a contact number.

Here are the 6 W’s to remember when filing a grievance:

Depending upon the nature of your problem, a grievance may be filed on your behalf. It is important that the grievance is presented factually when filing. As a member who is filing a grievance, you need to ensure that you give as many of the facts as possible.

1. WHO: is involved? The members full name, employer, branch or division, title and job classification. Name and title of supervisors or witness’s need to be accurate.

2. WHAT: happened that caused the violation? Disciplinary action? Substitution pay not given? Safety violations? You need the story of what occurred in chronological order.

3. WHEN: did the violation occur? Ensure dates and times are included. Include how often and how long?

4. WHERE: did it occur? Give exact location or locations if event occurred in different places. Have pictures or drawings if applicable.

5. WHY: is this considered to be a grievance or complaint? Was there a direct violation of an article(s) in the collective agreement? A violation of an Act or Code, an arbitral award, past practice issue?

6. WANT: this relates to adjustments that are required by the union to correct the injustice. Always ask for “full redress” in order to make the member whole, ie., all wages lost, file cleared, vacation returned

Union Notification

The L21 office is going green!

Although it’s impossible to have a completely paperless office / workplace, we have begun the process of converting existing office documents to digital format, as well as future communications such as meeting notices, periodic updates, upcoming functions, events and action alerts being available on line at and/ or provided to you via your personal email address.

Please provide us with your personal email address or any changes to by sending it to
Confidentiality will be respected and protected.

We ask that you visit the website regularly in order to ensure that you are aware of any and all of the above-mentioned notifications.

Some advantages to this direction are:
• better office organization
• cost effective
• better service to our members
• beneficial to the environment.

If you have a CBA matter or require general information please utilize the main office email:

Want to get involved? Want to volunteer some of your free time to help out with union activities? If so, please contact the union office.

Bereavement Leave Language within the CBA

Effective January 1, 2018:     Bereavement Leave    When there is a death in an employee’s immediate family, the employee shall be granted up to 40 consecutive working hours of bereavement leave with pay. Immediate family shall mean spouse, child, mother, father, legal guardian, sister, brother or equivalent step relationship.    When there is a death in an employee’s extended family, the employee shall be granted up to 24 consecutive working hours of bereavement leave with pay. Extended family shall mean mother-in-law, father-in-law, sister-in-law, brother-in-law, grandparent, grandchild, common-law spouse’s extended family or equivalent step relationship.    Employees who suffer the death of a close friend may be granted up to one day at the approval of the Director of the Department.

For funerals held outside of the City, an additional eight (8) hours of paid bereavement leave may be granted at the approval of the Director of the Department.

Notwithstanding the above, an employee may utilize up to 16 hours of bereavement leave set out in, and to be taken within one (1) year following the initial leave, for deferred ceremonies at the approval of the Director of the Department.