L21- Bylaws / Policies


Our Local bylaws and CUPE Constitution determine the Union’s objectives and how the Union operates. CUPE is a democratic Union in which the members make the decisions and set the policies. At all levels, it is rank and file members who determine by majority vote what the Union does.

  • Read the CUPE Constitution
  • L21 Bylaws
  •  Please note: During the General Membership meeting dated 14 November 2017 the following proposed Bylaw Section amendments  were discussed / approved by the membership. Section 3 (References), Section 5 (Finances), Section 6 (Affiliations), Section 7 (Membership Meetings), Section 9 (Executive Board), Section 10 (Duties of Officers) up to paragraph 4 of that section.
  • Due to a late evening meeting, a motion was put forth from the floor / passed to table the remaining Bylaw proposed amendments.
  •  The remainder of the proposed Bylaw amendments will be scheduled at a later date TBD.