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The Local 21 executive would like to thank Tim for his countless hours of commitment, and for all that he has done to move this local forward over the past 15 years. We wish him well and much success in his new adventure. As acting president, I am committed to continue maintaining existing relationships, building new solid ones, that foster decisions being sustainable, defendable and in the best interest of the majority of our membership.

Moving forward, while providing opportunities for our members, your elected executive team, looks forward to continuing their work and ensuring the integrity in all processes is maintained in a fair manner.

Please feel free to contact me at the office, 306 352-8282, or email at:

Maria Kotestas
A/president Local 21

Alone we are strong … Together we are stronger

SGEU members reject offer from provincial government

Members of Saskatchewan Government and General Employees’ Union (SGEU) bargaining unit have rejected a Memorandum of Agreement deal with the province.

The deal on the table for members offered wage increases of 0, 0, 1 and 2 per cent over four years.

The last contract expired at the end of September 2016, meaning the first two years without increases would have been partially retroactive.

Year 3 — kicking in this year if ratified — came with a one-per-cent offer and involves a mid-year adjustment; meaning the first half of the year would have see a 0.5-per-cent increase, with another 0.5-per-cent increase coming into effect for the latter half of the contract year.

But according to a Wednesday press release from the union, that was rejected.

“SGEU has been in contact with the employer and is in the process of setting up dates to return to the bargaining table,” read the press release. “SGEU remains committed to achieving a fair contract for the employees of the Saskatchewan public service.”

Finance Minister Donna Harpauer said the rejection was “disappointing.”

“That is part of the process and members can reject a contract proposal, so now it goes back to the collective bargaining process as it should.”

The province has at least publicly abandoned its failing effort to see a 3.5-per-cent cost reduction in the civil service, although that was and may continue to be the opening position in its open negotiations with unions.

“There is no set mandate. Each table is unique and being bargained as such,” said Harpauer.
For the 2017-18 fiscal year, Saskatchewan’s government targeted $250 million in public sector compensation savings; but a few months later that target was reduced to $125 million.

Now, the province is aiming for $70 million in savings — $35 million in each of the next two fiscal years — in the public sector.

Problems at Work?

If you have a Collective Agreement (CA) question, possible violation or other workplace concerns, contact the Union office at:

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Here are the 6 W’s to remember when filing a grievance:

Depending upon the nature of your problem, a grievance may be filed on your behalf. It is important that the grievance is presented factually when filing. As a member who is filing a grievance, you need to ensure that you give as many of the facts as possible.

1. WHO: is involved? The members full name, employer, branch or division, title and job classification. Name and title of supervisors or witness’s need to be accurate.

2. WHAT: happened that caused the violation? Disciplinary action? Substitution pay not given? Safety violations? You need the story of what occurred in chronological order.

3. WHEN: did the violation occur? Ensure dates and times are included. Include how often and how long?

4. WHERE: did it occur? Give exact location or locations if event occurred in different places. Have pictures or drawings if applicable.

5. WHY: is this considered to be a grievance or complaint? Was there a direct violation of an article(s) in the collective agreement? A violation of an Act or Code, an arbitral award, past practice issue?

6. WANT: this relates to adjustments that are required by the union to correct the injustice. Always ask for “full redress” in order to make the member whole, ie., all wages lost, file cleared, vacation returned

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Although it’s impossible to have a completely paperless office / workplace, we have begun the process of converting existing office documents to digital format, as well as future communications such as meeting notices, periodic updates, upcoming functions, events and action alerts being available on line at and/ or provided to you via your personal email address.

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• beneficial to the environment.

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