Collective Agreement

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Local-21-2016-2018 CBA

If you have a question about your rights under the Collective Agreement, please contact your Local 21 office at 306-352-8282.


EPCOR Water Prairies Inc. – CUPE Local 21 Memorandums of Agreement and Letters of Understanding

The CUPE Local 21-City of Regina Collective Agreement is amended for members employed at the Wastewater Treatment Plant by the following agreements:



Letters of Understanding

Please note that Letters of Understanding identifying specific individual members will not be posted on the website in order to protect our/those members’ privacy rights.

2015 Active Local 21-City of Regina LOUs

L21-LOU#2015-01 – Schedule B 4(d) Seniority Divisions – Parks and Open Space Department, City Services Division

L21-LOU#2015-02 – Peak Season-Casual Employees, Parks and Open Space Department, City Services Division

L21-LOU#2015-03 – Leave for Grievance Meetings, Committees to be Heard and Collective Bargaining

L21-LOU#2015-04 – Full-Time President


2014 Active Local 21-City of Regina LOUs 

L21-LOU#2014-06 – Wastewater Treatment Plan Permanent Staff Transfer

L21-LOU#2014-07 – WWTP Union Dues – Transition Period (June 1, 2014 – December 31, 2015)

L21-LOU#2014-08 – Dirty Work Bonus for Fleet Maintenance Branch – SWC units

L21-LOU#2014-09 – City Operations – Asphalt Production and Materials Engineering – Hours of Work – 10 Hour Shift


2013 Active Local 21-City of Regina LOUs

L21-LOU#2013-03-Collections Scheduling for Statutory Holidays-City Operations Division-Environmental Services Department-Solid Waste Collection Branch

L21-LOU#2013-05-Hours of Work-Operational Service Representatives-Permanent Employees

L21-LOU#2013-06 – Hours of Work-Operational Service Centre-Casual Employees


2012 Active Local 21-City of Regina LOUs

L21-LOU#2012-04-Bathing Suit Allowance-Permanent and Casual Employees-Aquatics, Community Services, Community Planning & Development Division

L21-LOU#2012-05-Scheduling of Hours of Work for Schedule B Provision 4D Branches-Recreation Services, Community Services, Community Planning & Development Division

L21-LOU#2012-06-Re-certifications-Permanent and Casual Employees-Aquatics, Community Services, Community Planning & Development Division

L21-LOU#2012-08-Sewer and Drainage Operation Branch-Hours of Work-Ten Hour Shift

L21-LOU#2012-09-Landfill Hours of Work-Winter Shift

L21-LOU#2012-11-City Operations-Roadways Department-Hours of Work-Ten Hour Shift


2011 Active Local 21-City of Regina LOUs

L21-LOU#2011-05-Hours of Work-9 Hour Shift-Corporate Services Division-Facilities Management Services Department-Facilities Operations Branch

L21-LOU#2011-06-Hours of Work-9 Hour Shift-Corporate Services Division-Fleet Services Department


2010 Active Local 21-City of Regina LOUs


2009 Active Local 21-City of Regina LOUs

L21-LOU-Planning and Development, Development Engineering, Technical Services-Casual Survey Assistants-9 Hour Shift (2009)


2008 Active Local 21-City of Regina LOUs


2007 Active Local 21-City of Regina LOUs

L21-LOU- Engineering and Works-Underground Maintenance Operations-Hours of Work-9 Hour Shift (2007)

L21-LOU-Permanent Part-Time Cleaners-Hours of Work (2007)

L21-LOU-Facilities Operations-Hours of Work-City Hall Building Operators-12 Hour Shift (2007)


2006 Active Local 21-City of Regina LOUs

L21-LOU-Engineering and Works-Traffic Operations-Hours of Work-9 Hour Shift (2006)

L21-LOU- Engineering and Works-Traffic Operations-Paint Crew and Crosswalk Crews-Hours of Work-10 Hour Day (2006)

L21-LOU-Hours of Work-Ten Hour Shift-Water Attendants-Utility Billing (2006)


Other Active Local 21-City of Regina LOUs

L21-LOU-Hours of Work-9 Hour Shift-Inspectors-Wastewater and Drainage (2004)

L21-LOU-Hours of Work-9 Hour Shift-Facilities (2003)

L21-LOU-Hours of Work-Ten Hour Shift-Hydrant Specialist, Tradesperson I-Water Distribution Division (1999)

L21-LOU-Hours of Work-9 Hour Shift-Sewage Collection Division (1999)

L21-LOU-Casual Spareboard Employees-Facility Operators-Caretakers(Support Services)(1998)


Our local bylaws and CUPE Constitution determine the union’s objectives and how the Union operates. CUPE is a democratic union in which the members make the decisions and set the policies. At all levels, it is rank and file members who determine by majority vote what the Union does.


Medical and dental benefits

Medical and dental benefits for CUPE 21 members are provided through Saskatchewan Blue Cross.


Employee and Family Assistance Program

The Employee and Family Assistance Program (EFAP) is a confidential information, counselling and referral service.  It is designed to provide you with direct access to professionals who will help you resolve your problems or issues before they affect your health, family life, or job performance.


Disability plan

The Regina Civic Employees’ Long Term Disability Plan provides eligible members with protection against the potential loss of income in the event they become ill or accidentally injured.


Pensions for CUPE 21 members are administered by the Regina Civic Employees’ Pension Plan.

Health and Safety

Some of the links provided are for informational purposes only. Contact your physician or other qualified health care professional before being acted on. Never disregard any advice given to you by your doctor or other qualified health care professional. Always seek the advice of a physician or other licensed health care professional regarding any questions you have about your medical condition(s) and treatment(s).


Heat Stress Information

Given the heat of the summer and how it affects our workplaces and members it’s important to know how life threatening the effects of extreme heat can be.  Please use this heat stress information so you can share it with your co-workers and Joint Health & Safety Committees.  Employers should be developing and implementing policies to prevent heat stress-related illness in the workplace.  As well as the resources below check your provincial or federal government websites for heat stress guidelines or regulations for your region


Hot Environments – Health Effects



* Saskatchewan OHS


* Health & Safety Information – CUPE


* Repetitive Strain Injuries – CUPE


Health and Safety for Workers with Disabilities – CUPE


* It’s Your Health – Health CANADA


* MedEffect – Health CANADA


* Medical Dictionary

Member Discounts

What are Local 21 CUPE members discounts?

They’re special prices offered to Local 21 CUPE members by business and organizations for goods and services.

In all purchase transactions with these companies, please advise them that you are a Local 21 CUPE member. It is your responsibility as a member to determine if the service and discount meets your individual needs. Please note that some offers may not apply to sale items at some businesses.

The Only Mortgage Company Inc.

Our parent company, Triple P Financial Brokering Services Ltd. incorporated in 1997,  signed a one of a kind contract with the first of four lenders allowing us to offer our exclusive “Group Rate Mortgage Program’ to Union Members across the Province of Alberta in March 1999.  Organizations were chosen to participate in the program which offers a substantial rate reduction from posted bank rates for 5 and 7 year terms on residential first mortgages by a full 1% rate reduction.

In the latter part of the year, 2000 and the early part of 2001 we have seen the average 5 year mortgage discount increase to 1.25% below the posted bank rate as well as enhancements to the prepayment options  from 10 to 25 percent  that can be prepaid based on the original mortgage balance registered. Financial institutions were becoming more and more competitive.

In 2002 with the excitement of achieving our goal to obtain better interest rates and provide better savings to Canadians we elected to do a corporate name change to The Only Mortgage Company Inc.  Thus instilling our message to our customers “Only Mortgages”.  With the principals having experience as accredited lenders, credit card services, credit counselling, insurance sales and mortgage brokering, we provide our clients with the best mortgage financing packages available. 

Special invitation to all Local 21 members.


Mercenary Auto Care

Mercenary Auto Care is a locally owned and operated business that provides professional detailing and cleaning services for all makes and models, as well as paint chip repair and scratch repair.

We will be offering:

  • 5% off of any detailing package over $100.00.
  • 10% off of any package over $200.00 and;
  • 15% off of any package over $300.00.

MERCENARY AUTO CARE is located at 1411 1st Ave. Regina, Saskatchewan, S4R 8H2

Contact number: (306) 522-1730.

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