Collective Agreement

Download the Collective Agreement:

Local-21-2016-2018 CBA

L21-2019-2021 CBA

If you have a question about your rights under the Collective Agreement, please contact your Local 21 office at (306) 352-8282.



Letters of Understanding (LOU) / City of Regina Policies



L21-LOU-0000-03 – Scheduling of Hours of Work for Lifegaurd Instructors- Com.Serv

L21-LOU-0000-06 – Aquatics – Recertification

L21-LOU-0000-09 – Permanent part-time Cleaners

L21-LOU-0000-17 – Roadways Procedures for Inclement Weather

L21-LOU-0000-43 – Job Sharing (1993)

L21-LOU-0000-45 – Work Experience Placements (2002)


L21-LOU-2011-02 – Fleet Maintenance for the Purpose of Assinging Superior Duty

L21-LOU-2011-03 – Water and Sewer Services Certification Incentive Program


L21-LOU-2012-05 – Scheduling of Hours of Work For Schedule B Provision 4d Branches

L21-LOU-2012-06 – Re- Certification – Permanent Casual Employees


L21-LOU-2013-03 – Collections Scheduling for Stats


L21-LOU-2016-05-Administration of Discipline(Smoking, PPE, Seatbelt, Cell)

L21-LOU-2016-06-Administration of Discipline-Aquatics Inservice


L21-LOU-2017-03-Nine Hour Shift

L21-LOU-2017-04 -Ten Hour Shifts

L21-LOU-2017-05-Twelve Hour Shifts


L21-LOU-2018-03-Lifeguard Access to Major Facilities

L21-LOU-2018-04-Community Services-Superior Duty

L21-LOU-2018-05-Parking Permits for use by CUPE Local 21 President


L21-LOU-2019-01-Leave for Grievance Meetings, Committees to be Heard and Collective Bargaining

L21-LOU-2019-02-Peak Season-Casual Employees-Parks, Recreation & Cultural Services

L21-LOU-2019-03-Appendix B-Equipment Schedule

L21-LOU-2019-04-Averaging Hours of Work


L21-LOU-2020-01 PRCS Branch Amalgamation

L21-LOU-2020-02 Parks Maintenance Transfers

L21-LOU-2020-03 Water Waste and Environment Split Branch

L21-LOU-2020-04 Roadways and Transportation – Peak Season – Casual

L21-LOU-2020-05 Roadways and Transportation – Peak Season – Permanent

L21-LOU -2020-06 PRCS Schedule Hours of Work Schedule B – Casual Staff

L21-LOU-2020-08 Peak Season Casual Employees

L21-LOU-2020-10 Bathing Suit Allowance (P & C) PRCS Department

L21-LOU-2020-012 PRCS – Superior Duty

L21 LOU-2020-13 Article 8 Grievances & Dispute Resolution – Pilot Language


L21- LOU-2021-01 – Peak Season Casual Employees – Parks, Recreation & Cultural Services

L21-LOU-2021-02 – FT President Cost Share


L21-LOU-2022-01 – Peak Season Casual Employees – Parks, Recreation & Cultural Services



Access to Personnel Records Policy


Cell Phones and Electronics while Driving Policy

Christmas Season Functions Policy

Code of Conduct and Disclosure Bylaw

Compassionate Care Leave Policy

Corrective Discipline Policy

Criminal Record Check Policy

Department Retirement Functions

Educational Assistance Program Policy

Employment of Relatives Policy

Guidelines for Retirement Functions

Harassment Policy

Hazardous Exposure Investigation and Reporting Policy

Hearing Conservation Policy

High Visibility Garments Policy

Long Term Learning Program Guidelines

Name Change Policy

No Smoking

OOS Vehicle Allowance Policy

Out-of-Scope Appointments and Assignments Guidelines

Out-of-Scope Guidelines

Personal Protective Equipment Policy

Rehiring a City Pensioner Policy

Relocation Allowance

Respectful Workplace Policy

Scent Sensitive Policy

SDO Deferral Program Policy

Telework Guidelines

Vacation Accumulation Policy

Vacation Entitlement Policy

Variable Work Hour Policy

Vehicle Expense Reimbursement Policy

Video Display Terminal Policy

Violence Policy

Volunteer Day Policy

L21- Bylaws / Policies


Our Local bylaws and CUPE Constitution determine the Union’s objectives and how the Union operates. CUPE is a democratic Union in which the members make the decisions and set the policies. At all levels, it is rank and file members who determine by majority vote what the Union does.

  • Read the CUPE Constitution
  • L21 Bylaws
  • FYI: We have been in the process for sometime now amending the Local 21 bylaws. Many changes have been approved by both the membership and by Cupe National. We are at the tail end of this project and once fully revised we will re-post the bylaws in its entirety.


L21 Credit Card Policy (L21-P00)


Medical and dental benefits

Medical and dental benefits for CUPE 21 members are provided through Saskatchewan Blue Cross.


Employee and Family Assistance Program

The Employee and Family Assistance Program (EFAP) is a confidential information, counselling and referral service.  It is designed to provide you with direct access to professionals who will help you resolve your problems or issues before they affect your health, family life, or job performance.


Disability plan

The Regina Civic Employees’ Long Term Disability Plan provides eligible members with protection against the potential loss of income in the event they become ill or accidentally injured.


Pensions for Local 21 members are administered by the Regina Civic Employees’ Pension Plan.

Health and Safety

Some of the links provided are for informational purposes only. Contact your physician or other qualified health care professional before being acted on. Never disregard any advice given to you by your doctor or other qualified health care professional. Always seek the advice of a physician or other licensed health care professional regarding any questions you have about your medical condition(s) and treatment(s).

Heat Stress Information

Given the heat of the summer and how it affects our workplaces and members it’s important to know how life threatening the effects of extreme heat can be.  Please use this heat stress information so you can share it with your co-workers and Joint Health & Safety Committees.  Employers should be developing and implementing policies to prevent heat stress-related illness in the workplace.  As well as the resources below check your provincial or federal government websites for heat stress guidelines or regulations for your region

  • Hot Environments – Health Effects

  • Saskatchewan OHS

  • Health & Safety Information – CUPE

  • Repetitive Strain Injuries – CUPE

  • Health and Safety for Workers with Disabilities – CUPE

  • It’s Your Health – Health CANADA

  • MedEffect – Health CANADA

  • Medical Dictionary